Hensies & Quiévrain: wetlands

Level 2 – 26 km

Starting point

Cycle node 69

Crossing between Avenue de l’Europe & Rue Haute

7350 Hensies


This ride crosses the countryside of Hensies and Quiévrain, characterised by swamps and wetlands.

Hensies is bathed in the sweetness of a budding spring. On this sun-bathed route, the first kilometres are an opportunity to stretch your legs since the path is not particularly difficult. In the plain of Quiévrain, paths and small roads travel between wetlands. On the map, the small roads weave a giant spider’s web here as reparcelling has facilitated access to fields and helped create these unpaved roads, which are perfect for bike touring! The nearby marshes of Harchies have left a number of wetlands in the landscape. The road is quiet, pleasant and free of any traffic as you approach the urbanized area of Boussu. Splendor and radiance characterise its castle, which was born in Charles V’s time. From the town centre, the RAVeL reaches into the past with the old coal mines of Dour and reaches into the future as it runs along a wind turbine field. In less than a century, a fossil fuel will have been replaced by wind fuel…

Cycle nodes

Useful information

Park and museum of the Castle of Boussu

Rue du Moulin, 43
7300 Boussu
+32 (0) 475 84 40 07
+32 (0) 65 77 82 65
Open from 1 March to 31 October: Thursday to Sunday, 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Price : €3

Marshes of Harchies

Parking: Chaussée Brunehault

7322 Bernissart

free access every day of the week from sunrise to sunset