Montignies-sur-Roc, the Epicureans’ route

Level 4 – 33,6 km

Starting point

Maison du Parc naturel des Hauts-Pays

Rue des Jonquilles 24
7387 Onnezies


Crossing the Haut-Pays by bike where we enjoy stopping at renowned producers.

Let’s start at the Maison du Parc naturel des Hauts_pays. Our first stop is at the Ferme Pype-Lievens where delicacies will give us strength for our ride. From the square, let’s go down into the picturesque valley formed by the Petite Honnelle. A small hill and here comes the pretty square of Audregnies. It’s an opportunity to stop at the Dufrasnes artisanal bakery and taste the delicious breads, cooked on stone. The Flavours Route goes on, towards Wihéries. There, another bakery is worth the detour. At Chez Joël et Christine, at the ball game square, we take away a small homemade pie – the cyclist remains an Epicurean… The RAVeL, this pretty green channel, takes us to Angreau where one of the taste masters, the chocolatier Druart is located. From Roisin a short detour towards Meaurain, bee country. Just after Autreppe the route follows the ridges that lead us to Onnezies, illuminated by the soft light of late afternoon.

Cycle nodes

Useful information

Ferme Pype-Lievens

Chaussée Brunehault 49
7387 Montignies-sur-Roc
+32 (0) 65 75 01 18
Mo 2pm-7pm; Tu-Fr 8am-1pm & 4pm-7pm; sa 8am-7pm
closed on Sundays & holidays