Jurbise, beautiful countryside

Niveau 2 – 22,4 km

Starting point

Jurbise Town Hall

Rue du Moustier 8
7050 Jurbise


Jurbise, a few kilometres to the north of Mons, is not short on charm with Moustier castle, the starting point of this ride.

From the town hall, the route snakes through fields: small niches and chapels mark out the way to Egmont castle, from the late Middle Ages. On its foundations, a monastic community established a priory, slightly removed from the world. It is true that on these rearranged routes you get a calm soothing feeling. You silently cycle over bitumen to Herchies. There, a tree of nails stands proudly from a legacy of popular beliefs. Put up in the 1950s, it is the worthy heir of the missing oak, which is more than four centuries old. From the village, you pass through a rural landscape including the hamlets of Gernante and Petite Vacresse, which are peaceful and undoubtedly offer a great quality of life to their inhabitants. Before Erbisoeul, go around the Jurbise golf course, one of the oldest in Belgium and designed at the time by the English garden architect Simpson.

Cycle nodes

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